What is the role of precision punch press security protector – forging press manufacturer

Punch security by the light-emitting device, by the light, the controller, signal cables and control cables of five parts. Light emitted by the light emitter directly to the receiver to form a protective light curtain. When the light curtain is blocked, the receiver generates a light-blocking signal transmitted through the signal cable to the controller, the controller will process the signal to produce a control signal to control the machine brake control circuit or other equipment alarm device to achieve Machine parking or safety alarm. Protection length of 0-2000mm, suitable for use within 2 meters of machine table or protective area.

The protection height varies from standard to specification, from 100mm to 1240mm. Optical axis spacing is divided into 20mm, 30mm, 40mm three kinds of resolution were 30mm drilling holes on H beams, 40mm, 50mm. Precision punch press design, small and beautiful, easy to install plate punching machine. Servo press Unlike conventional presses, presses can be set to different lengths and speeds depending on the production requirements. Servo presses are equipped with a linear scale to ensure that the bottom dead center Low mold vibration, greatly improving the life of the mold; there is no clutch, the brake part, saving the power consumption of the machine, the use of high-speed, high-speed, And lubricants, reducing operating costs. Servo press has complex, high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, low noise environmental protection, fully embodies the development trend of forging machine tools cnc machining. It completely broke through the traditional concept of press, it will inevitably lead to a mechanical pressure of the revolution.

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