What is missing are all system variables that have some thing to do

n that may be valu able from this chap ter re lates to the list It is not what is in –

cluded, but what is miss ing Modal com mands used in the macro pro gram ming have been dis –

cussed ex ten sively, along with the re lated sys tem vari ables An other sub ject dis cussed was the

ma jor group of the modal G-code ad dresses, and eleven other modal ad dresses What is miss ing?

What is missing are all system variables that have some thing to do with a tool po si tion, such as

end point co or di nates in a block, work co or di nates, angle machine ma chine co or di nates, var i ous tool off set po si –

tions, co or di nates re lated to the skip func tion, and so on – even de vi a tion amount of the servo po –

drilling Machine

si tion, etc

In the chap ters that fol low this one, more sys tem vari ables will be cov ered, most listed ear lier in

a de scrip tive form They in clude those re lated to alarms, tim ers, and var i ous axis po si tion in for –

ma tion The next chap ter cov ers an other part of the most im por tant automatic punching machine macro pro gram ming tools –

conditional testing, branch ing and loop ing

Copyright 2005, Industrial Press Inc, New Dished Head Punching Machine York, NY –

FANUC CNC Custom Macros



About half way through the hand book, now co mes a real pow er house of mac ros At this level of

macro de vel op ment, strong ba sic knowl edge of macro com mand struc ture, off sets, mem o ries, as

well as understanding vari ables, etc, is essential A vari able is as signed a value, macro is pro –

cessed with that value in ef fect, macro ex its This straight for ward ap proach is convenient, and

very com mon, but it can not and does not stand alone It needs some ad di tional forms of data ma –

nip u la tion, forms based on some kind of de ci sion mak ing pro cess

Decision Making in Macros

The struc ture of a typ i cal Fanuc macro pro gram is based on the old est and sim plest of all com –

puter lan guages – Ba sic锟? The Ba sic lan guage proved to be sim ple, yet pow er ful, lan guage for its

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