The main parameters of how to set the new punch Users to buy the machine

The main parameters of how to set the new punch Users to buy the machine, the first copy of the parameter table should be archived. A copy is stored in the machine’s file box for reference by the operator and maintenance personnel when using and servicing the machine; another is stored in the machine’s archive. The correct setting of these parameters will directly affect the normal work of machine tools and machine performance to give full play punching machine. At the beginning of the use of CNC punch parameters and machine parameters in the manual one by one check to make it accurate cnc drilling machine, and the initial parameters of the machine set the record, properly preserved.

In use according to the work of the machine, refer to the machine maintenance manual and fault alarm data, find the value of the relevant parameter is changed sheet metal fabrication, and set it to the initial value. Some of the data items need to be changed frequently, such as tool compensation parameters, simulation and simulation processing and other settings related parameters. Some data items are infrequently changed, such as skip signal input function, automatic corner override parameter, servo system parameter, feed speed parameter, acceleration / deceleration control parameter, program parameter, stroke limit parameter, screw compensation parameter, Compensation parameters, flatness compensation parameters, scaling and coordinate rotation parameters, automatic tool offset and tool length automatic measurement, tool life management, maintenance and other relevant parameters.

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