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Basic language in its original form is now a his tory

Basic language in its original form is now a his tory, many of its rules and

struc tural forms still do ex ist Ba sic lan guage has de vel oped into the cur rent Vi sual Ba sic, very mod ern, and struc tured, high level lan guage One of the rem nants busbar bending machine of the old Ba sic is the func tion

GOTOn, and GOSUB, both con sid ered to day a very poor way of lan guage based pro gram struc –

ture How ever, the other branch ing func tions (IF, IF-THEN, and WHILE) are avail able to con –

drilling Machine

trol the flow of the macro pro gram

In ei ther form, the de ci sion is al ways based on the re sult of a given con di tion, or given sit u a –

tion De pend ing on this re sult, at least two other op tions must be avail able for fur ther con sid er –

ations As an ex am ple, the ev ery day Eng lish equiv a lent of – f I have money, I will buy a car

has two parts The con di tion here is ‘if I have money’ – ‘to have money’ There are two logical out –

comes – they are ‘I will buy a car’ and cnc equipment ‘I will not buy a car’ , one or the other, but never both f I

have money, I will buy a car, but notching machine I do not have money, so I will not buy a car Sim ple logic, and very pow er ful when ap plied to mac ros

The sim plic ity of the above ex am ple is very strong when trans ferred into the realm of a macro

pro gram ming Of course, the macro con di tions and macro op tions will al ways be dif fer ent, but

the logic, the eval u a tion, the think ing pro cess, and the de ci sion will not

For ex am ple, one ob jec tive of a macro could be to check if the cut ting tool trav els within the

lim its of the ma chine For each axis to be tested, a very spe cific con di tion will be created – f the

length of travel is greater than the given dis tance, then , and the macro will have to con tain the

de ci sion in it own format If the con di tion spec i fied is true, the CNC op er a tor may be no ti fied

with an alarm mes sage or at least a pro gram com ment If the con di tion is false (not true), the

macro will pro ceed with the pro gram flow