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As in the table for the modal G-codes listed earlier

his is sim i lar to the con cept of ead-only and the ead-and-write

type of vari ables in many gen eral com mer cial pro gram ming lan guages, cov ered in the last chap –

ter The listing of the ‘other’ eleven modal ad dresses that can be used in macro pro gram ming, is

pre sented here:


These modal codes are in ad di tion to the modal G-codes On the next two pages are the list ings

drilling Machine

of the sys tem vari ables re lat ing to the ‘other’ modal ad dresses, for the two com mon types of

Fanuc con trols Ob serve angle machine the method of how these vari ables are num bered, again, there is a log i cal

method to it, and a lit tle dif fer ent one from the one used for modal G-codes Also note the last two

dig its of each sys tem vari able num ber They cor re spond to the Lo cal Vari ables As sign ment List 1

For ex am ple, the let ter B is as signed to the lo cal cnc equipment vari able #2, hence the #4102 sys tem vari able,

the let ter D is as signed to the lo cal vari able notching machine #7, hence the #4107 sys tem vari able, and so on

Very valu able ob ser va tion that can come handy

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Fanuc 0/16/18/21

As in the table for the modal G-codes listed earlier, the lower level con trols use only sys tem

vari ables ap ply ing to the pre ced ing block The sys tem vari ables re lated to the ex e cut ing block are not avail able for this group of Fanuc con trols (FS-0/16/18/21)

The fol low ing ta ble shows the other modal in for ma tion (eleven com mon ad dresses) fre quently

used in a macro pro gram with their cor re spond ing sys tem vari ables



Program Address


(Code Letter)


B-code – indexing axis position


D-code – cutter radius offset number


E-code – feedrate value (if available)


F-code – feedrate value


H-code – tool length offset number


M-code – miscellaneous function


N-code – sequence number


O-code – program numbe