Stainless steel wire rope protection measures

In order to avoid the use of stainless steel wire rope and placed in the unnecessary damage angle steel machine, you need to do some of the corresponding stainless steel wire rope protection measures. So what are the specific protective measures? Today by the Chiron to explain for everyone. First, the transport, the application of transport (such as cars, battery vehicles, etc.), clean, isolated protective measures to prevent dust, oil, rust pollution of stainless steel wire rope. Do not drag, to avoid bumps, scratches. Second, when lifting, should use special spreader, such as lifting belt, special chuck, is strictly prohibited to use sharp, rough lifting equipment, so as not to scratch the surface of stainless steel wire rope.


In the lifting and placement, should avoid shock bumps caused by stainless steel wire rope scratches steel cutting machine. Third, there should be a special storage rack, storage rack should be wood or surface coating of carbon steel bracket or pad to rubber pads cnc plate drilling machine, with carbon steel and other metal material isolation. Storage of stainless steel wire rope and other materials to be relatively isolated storage area hydraulic angle cutting machine, there should be protective measures to avoid dust, oil, rust on the stainless steel wire rope pollution. Above these protective measures we all remember it? To ensure the normal life of stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel wire rope to ensure safe and reliable work, the relevant protection measures is necessary, you must bear in mind.

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