S-code – spindle speed value

S-code – spindle speed value


T-code – tool number


P-code – additional work offset number

As the ta ble illustrates, the only ex cep tion in the ta ble is the #4130 vari able – it has no cor re –

drilling Machine

spond ing value in the As sign ment List 1 for lo cal vari ables It was added by Fanuc later, when the

CNC tech nol ogy ad vanced, to ac com mo date the ex tended work off set set, also known as the ad di –

tional work off sets – G541 P1 to G541 P48 Vari ables that would ‘fit nat u rally’ in the ta ble, but are miss ing, for ex am ple #4118, are quite le git i mate to use, pro vid ing they are sup ported by

the con trol sys tem for the par tic u lar CNC ma chine tool (not ex actly a likely sce nario)

There are two sys tem vari able num bers that may seem out of or der – they are #4114 (the let ter

N, the ad dress for the se quence num bers), and #4115 (the let ter O, the ad dress for the pro gram

num ber) In the As sign ment List 1, there are no #14 cnc equipment and #15 lo cal vari ables listed These as sign –

ments are phys i cally ex cluded in the list, but notching machine they are im plied by their on-pres ence

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 12

Fanuc 10/11/15

The list ing of sys tem vari ables for the higher group of Fanuc con trols uses both sets of vari ables

– for the pre ced angle shearing machine ing block, and for the ex e cut ing block


Variable Number

Program Address

(Code Letter)

Preceding Executing





B-code – indexing axis position



D-code – cutter radius offset number



E-code – feedrate value (if available)



F-code – feedrate value



H-code – tool length offset number



M-code – miscellaneous function



N-code – sequence number



O-code – program number



S-code – spindle speed value



T-code – tool number



P-code – Additional work offset number

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