Punch industry in the future more humane

Punch industry in the future more humane With the world from the industrial economy to the era of knowledge-based economy changes, production-oriented enterprises on the urgent need for automated punch will be highlighted, but at the same time the development of the domestic press is relatively backward and aggravated the contradiction between supply and demand, and ultimately lead to a vicious circle. Although China’s punch industry is not standing still, but only as soon as possible to scientific and technological innovation, close to the user, independent research and development operations instead of blindly introducing and copying the traditional model in order to make China’s punch industry and the healthy development of the market and catch up with the world advanced Level saw machine. Dongguan IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. to meet the global development of the punch industry for the majority of the new and old customers with a quality and cheap punch. In this case, Commodity of human nature, has gradually become a shopping standard when people choose. Comfort, reliability, value, safety and efficiency of the evaluation, the punch industry after decades of development history, the continuous development of human resources, humanistic design is in the design process to fully consider the human physiological and psychological factors, more attention to product convenience, comfort, Production, updating, replacement.

In this case, Punch mechanical properties: Using high-strength cast iron, the stress elimination, to ensure long-term accuracy Three-column guide post designed to minimize dynamic friction, with forced lubrication and oil cooling system to minimize heat distortion The use of hydraulic locking system, the mold is more simple and direct The use of high-performance damping system to extend the service life of presses, to avoid interference with the external environment Using the world’s most advanced digital frequency technology to ensure product quality The top dead center stops the device and protects the mold effectively Using the microcomputer controller copper busbar bending machine, punch angle, speed and fault location and other information, all in a separate console display Reprovision detection of the final material, mistakenly sent, blowing materials, shaped scissors, more humane In this case, IPM has a highly sophisticated technical personnel, with high-quality work team, in time for our customers to provide comprehensive after-sales service Hydraulic punching machines. The company has always been to ‘people-oriented, technology leadership, integrity management, a well-known brand’ for the purpose, as always, to provide reliable products, perfect service and common development and create success. Article source punch manufacturers: www.ipmmc.com

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