high-quality steel welding system hole punching machine steel

Guangzhou, the latest press, punch Taiwan, Guangzhou ordinary punch Guangzhou press the latest high-steel frame design, the use of high-quality steel welding system hole punching machine steel, through the elimination of internal stress process. Improve the stability and reliability of the whole machine precision, the accuracy of the punching machine in Taiwan is as high as 0.1mm, it is safe, convenient and reliable Angle Iron Punching Machine. The transmission center of the general punch press in Guangzhou is consistent with the center of the whole machine to ensure the stamping precision and stability drilling machine online purchase. In order to ensure the relative stability of the machine running, the use of piles into two sliders, balancer device design.

The latest Dongguan punch, ordinary punch

The latest Dongguan punch, ordinary punch, punch Taiwan The latest Dongguan punch by high-rigidity frame design, the use of high-quality steel welding system, through the elimination of stress within the processing custom metal fabrication.

Improve the accuracy of the whole machine stability and reliability punching machine for sale, general punch transmission center and the center of the machine as a whole to ensure accurate and stable stamping. To ensure the relative stability of the machine running, the use of piles into two sliders, balancer device design, Taiwan Punch precision molds up to 0 hydraulic press manufacturers.1mm, safe, convenient and reliable

Japan – Dynamic Accuracy of Dead Center of Press On the afternoon

Japan – Dynamic Accuracy of Dead Center of Press On the afternoon of June 13, the international forum co-sponsored by HC Machine Tool Network and CIMES2012 organizer was successfully held in the new International Convention and Exhibition Center. The first guest speaker of this forum was Mr. Osaka, who was from Japan R \u0026 D Co., Ltd. He gave a lecture on ‘Dynamic Accuracy of Punch Down Dead Center’, which promoted technological development and innovation in high-quality era Busbar Processing Machine. Of new technologies or new products, how to reflect the era of high-tech high-tech content cnc drilling machine. Punch bottom dead center dynamic accuracy is used in the mold and the processing of materials on the processing machinery technology, punching machine is to use the mold in the processed material to exert a powerful force on the processing machinery, punch processing is mass production and strong price competition Of the technology, precision punch directly affect the quality of products and die life, punching accuracy is no longer loaded load state and static accuracy of the dynamic accuracy of processed products bevel machine. ‘From the high-speed point of view, there are now more than 3000spm punch, in fact, the peripheral press machine can not keep up with the pace of development of the press, and now the use of punch press range is 500-2000spm. The so-called high-speed punch, of course, not just a simple fast rotation, which contains a variety of restrictions. IPM pneumatic punch your best choice!

The main parameters of how to set the new punch Users to buy the machine

The main parameters of how to set the new punch Users to buy the machine, the first copy of the parameter table should be archived. A copy is stored in the machine’s file box for reference by the operator and maintenance personnel when using and servicing the machine; another is stored in the machine’s archive. The correct setting of these parameters will directly affect the normal work of machine tools and machine performance to give full play punching machine. At the beginning of the use of CNC punch parameters and machine parameters in the manual one by one check to make it accurate cnc drilling machine, and the initial parameters of the machine set the record, properly preserved.

In use according to the work of the machine, refer to the machine maintenance manual and fault alarm data, find the value of the relevant parameter is changed sheet metal fabrication, and set it to the initial value. Some of the data items need to be changed frequently, such as tool compensation parameters, simulation and simulation processing and other settings related parameters. Some data items are infrequently changed, such as skip signal input function, automatic corner override parameter, servo system parameter, feed speed parameter, acceleration / deceleration control parameter, program parameter, stroke limit parameter, screw compensation parameter, Compensation parameters, flatness compensation parameters, scaling and coordinate rotation parameters, automatic tool offset and tool length automatic measurement, tool life management, maintenance and other relevant parameters.

What is the role of precision punch press security protector – forging press manufacturer

Punch security by the light-emitting device, by the light, the controller, signal cables and control cables of five parts. Light emitted by the light emitter directly to the receiver to form a protective light curtain. When the light curtain is blocked, the receiver generates a light-blocking signal transmitted through the signal cable to the controller, the controller will process the signal to produce a control signal to control the machine brake control circuit or other equipment alarm device to achieve Machine parking or safety alarm. Protection length of 0-2000mm, suitable for use within 2 meters of machine table or protective area.

The protection height varies from standard to specification, from 100mm to 1240mm. Optical axis spacing is divided into 20mm, 30mm, 40mm three kinds of resolution were 30mm drilling holes on H beams, 40mm, 50mm. Precision punch press design, small and beautiful, easy to install plate punching machine. Servo press Unlike conventional presses, presses can be set to different lengths and speeds depending on the production requirements. Servo presses are equipped with a linear scale to ensure that the bottom dead center Low mold vibration, greatly improving the life of the mold; there is no clutch, the brake part, saving the power consumption of the machine, the use of high-speed, high-speed, And lubricants, reducing operating costs. Servo press has complex, high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, low noise environmental protection, fully embodies the development trend of forging machine tools cnc machining. It completely broke through the traditional concept of press, it will inevitably lead to a mechanical pressure of the revolution.

How to carry out maintenance of precision presses

Every use of 1500-2000 hours to maintain conservation should perform the project: 1. Test and adjustment of lubricating oil discharge quantity and pressure detection function. 2. Air system filters, oilers to adjust the valve and other functions and water impurities check with the necessary adjustments. 3. Air pressure switch set value view and pressure detection function test and adjustment shearing machine. 4. Mold height indicator switch to view and set the value of the view and adjust the value. 5. Modular high-beam device sprocket, chain drilling equipment, drive shaft, worm and other parts with or without loose, abnormal tension and chain tension and adjustment. 6. Gear box cover removal, internal parts wear and key loosening of the view and the tank cleaning, smooth oil and the work of the new situation, noise, vibration test view. 7. Transmission system of various parts of the fuel injection point of the oil discharge and pressure test and adjustment.


8. Leave the brake mechanism of the piston movement, brake point of view, from the brake gap and to make the film wear test and check the necessary adjustments 3D CNC Drilling Machine. 9. Slide the guide rail and guide the gap measurement and friction surface view, if necessary, adjust the proofreading. 10. Flywheel bearings, etc. to increase the manual smooth grease and piping, connector number view. 11. Balancing the operation of the cylinder and its smooth oil system Oil, connector number test view. 12. Motor circuit and electrical operating circuit insulation resistance of the test view. 13. Machine accuracy (straightness, parallelism, induction gap, etc.) test, if necessary, adjust the proofreading. 14.Punching and inspection of the appearance and accessories of the punching machine and the foot (base) of the bolt. The tightening of the screw and the nut and the level of the nut are to be adjusted as necessary. 15 smooth to the oil system Pu, pipeline valve cleaning and maintenance and inspection. 16. Air system of pneumatic components, piping and other cleaning and maintenance action and test view.

The development history of precision punching machine

With the development of the national economy and the progress of science and technology, through various types of precision stamping die production parts factory demand straightening machine, mold technology accuracy, high efficiency, long life in the south direction. It is a comprehensive technology, so its development will inevitably involve many areas of cooperation. Must be analyzed and summarized, precision stamping die development.

At present, China is relatively mature mold technology, precision punch but still perfect from the perfect. Analysis of mold precision stamping technology development direction of the product market, multi-species, small batch, rapid change, the upgrading of new technologies such as computer technology, manufacturing technology is due to engineering design, mold design depends on the manual experience and technology Straightening Machines, the traditional mechanical supplement Said computer-aided design drill machine, numerical control processing, numerical control processing as the core of the computer aided design province manufacturing direction. At present, the main mold manufacturers are developing high efficiency, precision and mold processing equipment automation, from manual operation to the computer numerical control machinery operator requirements development.

For example: speed, composite processing technology advanced special treatment technology; precision grinding, fine processing technology; Appears in the mold manufacturing force automatic processing system, greatly reducing the production cycle, reduce manufacturing errors and improve mold quality, mold design and manufacturing process automation laid the foundation. As well as high-speed punching stamping to provide higher accuracy.

Noise Reduction Engineering of Precision Press

Reverberation time refers to the indoor sound to a stable state, precision punching sound source to stop the sound after the sound of the room in the recurrent reflection by the wall absorption, the average acoustic energy density Down to the original value of one millionth of the time. The longer the reverberation time is, the more the noise is reflected in the workshop, the slower the energy decay rate. In the same sound source, the reverberation time is longer than the reverberation time.

2, the choice of precision punching sound-absorbing material: a total of five parts sound insulation board, noise through perforated plate holes into the sound-absorbing cotton, a part of the glass wool through the vibration of energy into heat energy consumption, the other part of the outer layer of steel isolated , To share the purpose of smoking. (1) The thickness of the outer 2mm steel plate, from the noise and support role Dished Head Punching Machine, and is the sound-absorbing panel of the outer surface. (2) the middle part of the sound-absorbing panel for the sound-absorbing material, made of glass wool products, for the absorption of sound energy, noise is a major component of the material. (3) fiberboard paste in the sound-absorbing cotton outside, to prevent the sound-absorbing cotton falling. (4) Transparent film attached to the sound-absorbing cotton on both sides, since the moisture-proof and prevent sound-absorbing cotton wire from the inner perforation plate perforation in the role of the net steel punch. 3, sound-absorbing panel sealing treatment: As the entire production line closed processing is a number of small sound-absorbing panels stitched together into a closed body, so in order to ensure precision punching noise reduction effect, in the design and manufacturing need to control the various sound-absorbing panels between the Clearance, generally 1 ~ 2mm.

In order to minimize the effect of noises passing through these gaps to effect noise reduction, sealants are often used for gap seals. 4, ventilation: the operation of the heat generated by the device itself, coupled with the sound-absorbing material with glass wool insulation properties, the production line within the closed temperature is often higher than the external 3 ~ 5 ℃. In the implementation of noise reduction projects, usually in the noise ceiling installation of exhaust fans, take away the hot air enclosed space, so that the formation of negative pressure inside, the external air can flow through the noise wall inside. In the selection of exhaust fan selection of low noise fan so as not to affect the noise reduction effect. 5, the lighting treatment: the closure of the project after the implementation of the internal and external lighting equipment, cut off, so the need to increase the enclosed lighting system. In order to ensure the production and maintenance of equipment required for lighting drill machine, design illumination of 500 lumens or more. Closed body lighting system to separate wiring, independent switch, to ensure ease of use and does not affect the original power supply system. In addition, in order to prevent a sudden power outage in the enclosed body in the installation of emergency lighting system to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

Universal user response punch quality is not the most important price problem

To deal with the user throughout the punch analysis, it should be very simple, ordinary punch the biggest bad place in that place, that is, its quiet function, a prudent may lead to sacrifices, then, for this, pneumatic What are the benefits of punching? The following are some of the benefits of pneumatic punching.

Pneumatic punch, brake mode pneumatic syringe, the key punching power, from the motor to take the lead in the flywheel, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the momentum occurred. Safety, pneumatic punch press than the traditional safety performance in the above should be high; compact, pneumatic punch press than the traditional high precision; high and low mode compared to traditional punching machine for convenience. Speed, pneumatic punch compared to faster; pneumatic punch with a cylinder, the demand for gas, the traditional do not have; price, pneumatic punch press than the traditional price to be higher.

Ordinary punch, is the selection of traditional braking methods, more common for the clumsy key brake, the main road pressure power, driven by the motor flywheel, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the resulting momentum. Ordinary punch press, also known as press, is a more traditional stamping process of mechanical processing. Such a machine can achieve savings in energy and material, and the efficiency is relatively low compared to the pneumatic punch. The ability to manipulate the request is not high, so there are some security risks there are risks.

Punching machine is the general machinery of the stamping industry. It is suitable for punching, blanking, bending, stretching and other cold stamping (not used for pressing and printing work). It can be semi-spontaneous or fully self- Equipped with photoelectric love, can be minimized occupational damage.

Punch security by the light-emitting device, by the light, the controller, signal cables and control cables of five parts.

Light emitted by the light emitter directly to the receiver, resulting in protective light curtain. When the light curtain is obscured, the receiver generates a shading signal, the signal cable is transmitted to the controller, the controller will contain the signal to produce a control signal to control the machine brake control circuit or other building alarm installation, to achieve Machine parking or safety alarm.
Protection of the length of 0-2000mm, properly manipulated within 2 meters of the machine table or partial protection area.

Protection height due to specifications and willow, from 100mm to 1240mm are products to the case.

Difficulties of the optical axis is divided into 20mm, 30mm, 40mm three, parting force of different 30mm, 40mm, 50mm.

Precision presses on the radio-type arrangement, small and beautiful, easy to install.

The error between punch presses is caused by what factors

Die punch stamping process has a certain error, the error depends on what factors? Let us learn together:

1, the size of the gap, the average degree: deep drawing, bending, flanging and other sheet metal forming parts usually need to cut out a blank tablet, has also formed punching, cutting a single finished pieces. Homework, blanking, including common punching, cutting, dressing, etc., for each sheet metal stamping parts are necessary. So the blanking gap hedge determines the dimensional accuracy of the contour. Punch small and average blanking gap, punching punch size can be made to obtain a higher accuracy. For deep drawing, bending forming molds, such as a large gap will increase the size of the punch mouth size error and rebound. Clearance is not a common cause of increased punching burrs and uneven edges due to uneven wear.

2, the elastic deformation of punch equipment: in the stamping process, the punch load after a certain degree of elastic deformation. According to the burst pressure change and significant direction of the size of the deformation, but for stamping parts, mainly for stamping, embossing, with volume stamping flat, bump, pressure wave, broken, heading, flange, upsetting, beating, The deep throat is made in the form of workmanship in the form of stamping, a remarkable effect in its dimensional precision stamping.

3. Dimensional accuracy of the punch material, structure, dimensions and material thickness, the dimensions of the blanking gap and the decisive effect of cutting on its average degree. Different types of punching process, different materials with different thickness of the material, one of the six customs clearance, press great difference in punching accuracy. Uniform modulus m = 0,2 mm thick 34, with hole H62 brass pieces of gear in the middle of the compound stamping die, when the gap C = 0,5% ton (unilateral) Of the IT7 level, salt pieces of flat arch bending, up to 89 of the blunt verticality, 5 degrees, the surface roughness Ra value is 0,2 micron stamping size; with ordinary composite die manufacturing, the gap C = T (unilateral) 5%, the initial error of the punch, the punch of the initial precision stamping die for a T9,12 Ra value, 5 microns, 0 burr height of the rough cutting surface roughness, 10 mm; stamping die is still a continuous system , The initial punching precision IT11 blunt edge is thicker. Under normal circumstances, hot stamping material and T thickness of the main basis for selection blanking gap. Once the open punch gap is selected to determine the constant error of the planar dimensions of the body of the punch; the stiffness of the salt piece structure and the three-dimensional shape affect its accuracy.

Different types of drilling structures are different, and thus the thickness of the shared material and manufacturing precision stamping differences, press punching constant error is also different.

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