Japan – Dynamic Accuracy of Dead Center of Press On the afternoon

Japan – Dynamic Accuracy of Dead Center of Press On the afternoon of June 13, the international forum co-sponsored by HC Machine Tool Network and CIMES2012 organizer was successfully held in the new International Convention and Exhibition Center. The first guest speaker of this forum was Mr. Osaka, who was from Japan R \u0026 D Co., Ltd. He gave a lecture on ‘Dynamic Accuracy of Punch Down Dead Center’, which promoted technological development and innovation in high-quality era Busbar Processing Machine. Of new technologies or new products, how to reflect the era of high-tech high-tech content cnc drilling machine. Punch bottom dead center dynamic accuracy is used in the mold and the processing of materials on the processing machinery technology, punching machine is to use the mold in the processed material to exert a powerful force on the processing machinery, punch processing is mass production and strong price competition Of the technology, precision punch directly affect the quality of products and die life, punching accuracy is no longer loaded load state and static accuracy of the dynamic accuracy of processed products bevel machine. ‘From the high-speed point of view, there are now more than 3000spm punch, in fact, the peripheral press machine can not keep up with the pace of development of the press, and now the use of punch press range is 500-2000spm. The so-called high-speed punch, of course, not just a simple fast rotation, which contains a variety of restrictions. IPM pneumatic punch your best choice!

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