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Universal user response punch quality is not the most important price problem

To deal with the user throughout the punch analysis, it should be very simple, ordinary punch the biggest bad place in that place, that is, its quiet function, a prudent may lead to sacrifices, then, for this, pneumatic What are the benefits of punching? The following are some of the benefits of pneumatic punching.

Pneumatic punch, brake mode pneumatic syringe, the key punching power, from the motor to take the lead in the flywheel, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the momentum occurred. Safety, pneumatic punch press than the traditional safety performance in the above should be high; compact, pneumatic punch press than the traditional high precision; high and low mode compared to traditional punching machine for convenience. Speed, pneumatic punch compared to faster; pneumatic punch with a cylinder, the demand for gas, the traditional do not have; price, pneumatic punch press than the traditional price to be higher.

Ordinary punch, is the selection of traditional braking methods, more common for the clumsy key brake, the main road pressure power, driven by the motor flywheel, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the resulting momentum. Ordinary punch press, also known as press, is a more traditional stamping process of mechanical processing. Such a machine can achieve savings in energy and material, and the efficiency is relatively low compared to the pneumatic punch. The ability to manipulate the request is not high, so there are some security risks there are risks.

Punching machine is the general machinery of the stamping industry. It is suitable for punching, blanking, bending, stretching and other cold stamping (not used for pressing and printing work). It can be semi-spontaneous or fully self- Equipped with photoelectric love, can be minimized occupational damage.

Punch security by the light-emitting device, by the light, the controller, signal cables and control cables of five parts.

Light emitted by the light emitter directly to the receiver, resulting in protective light curtain. When the light curtain is obscured, the receiver generates a shading signal, the signal cable is transmitted to the controller, the controller will contain the signal to produce a control signal to control the machine brake control circuit or other building alarm installation, to achieve Machine parking or safety alarm.
Protection of the length of 0-2000mm, properly manipulated within 2 meters of the machine table or partial protection area.

Protection height due to specifications and willow, from 100mm to 1240mm are products to the case.

Difficulties of the optical axis is divided into 20mm, 30mm, 40mm three, parting force of different 30mm, 40mm, 50mm.

Precision presses on the radio-type arrangement, small and beautiful, easy to install.