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The error between punch presses is caused by what factors

Die punch stamping process has a certain error, the error depends on what factors? Let us learn together:

1, the size of the gap, the average degree: deep drawing, bending, flanging and other sheet metal forming parts usually need to cut out a blank tablet, has also formed punching, cutting a single finished pieces. Homework, blanking, including common punching, cutting, dressing, etc., for each sheet metal stamping parts are necessary. So the blanking gap hedge determines the dimensional accuracy of the contour. Punch small and average blanking gap, punching punch size can be made to obtain a higher accuracy. For deep drawing, bending forming molds, such as a large gap will increase the size of the punch mouth size error and rebound. Clearance is not a common cause of increased punching burrs and uneven edges due to uneven wear.

2, the elastic deformation of punch equipment: in the stamping process, the punch load after a certain degree of elastic deformation. According to the burst pressure change and significant direction of the size of the deformation, but for stamping parts, mainly for stamping, embossing, with volume stamping flat, bump, pressure wave, broken, heading, flange, upsetting, beating, The deep throat is made in the form of workmanship in the form of stamping, a remarkable effect in its dimensional precision stamping.

3. Dimensional accuracy of the punch material, structure, dimensions and material thickness, the dimensions of the blanking gap and the decisive effect of cutting on its average degree. Different types of punching process, different materials with different thickness of the material, one of the six customs clearance, press great difference in punching accuracy. Uniform modulus m = 0,2 mm thick 34, with hole H62 brass pieces of gear in the middle of the compound stamping die, when the gap C = 0,5% ton (unilateral) Of the IT7 level, salt pieces of flat arch bending, up to 89 of the blunt verticality, 5 degrees, the surface roughness Ra value is 0,2 micron stamping size; with ordinary composite die manufacturing, the gap C = T (unilateral) 5%, the initial error of the punch, the punch of the initial precision stamping die for a T9,12 Ra value, 5 microns, 0 burr height of the rough cutting surface roughness, 10 mm; stamping die is still a continuous system , The initial punching precision IT11 blunt edge is thicker. Under normal circumstances, hot stamping material and T thickness of the main basis for selection blanking gap. Once the open punch gap is selected to determine the constant error of the planar dimensions of the body of the punch; the stiffness of the salt piece structure and the three-dimensional shape affect its accuracy.

Different types of drilling structures are different, and thus the thickness of the shared material and manufacturing precision stamping differences, press punching constant error is also different.

Punch machines industry is how to develop rapidly

In recent years, punch, in the country and the powerful exhibition activities, the Chinese machine tool “high, refined, sharp” product approach often debut in the country within the new hand industry reputation within the bird, rave reviews, which allows us to see China’s machine tool industry Of the power of induction in a series of powerful facts, but also shows that the comprehensive range and key varieties, the capital has reached the world several top.

In 2006, China’s machine tool industry for the supply of machine tools is 40 to 50 million units, of which 85,756 CNC machine tools (another NC middle and low electrical processing machine 45 million units not included), from In terms of quantity, the world is eccentric. On the varieties of machine tools, in order to meet the needs of the user industry in general, the seat is more than 3500 varieties of the public, of which more than 1,500 kinds of CNC machine tools, these figures in the world is a component.

China’s CNC machine tools is very wide variety, regardless of the needs of shopping malls car, milling, grinding, special processing, and all types of metal forming machine punch and so on. At the same time, China’s market developed rapidly, the demand is very large, the Chinese machine tool products in terms of domestic market share, the punch manufacturer is about 44.6, equipment market share of about 65%.
Punch travel is spontaneous, as long as the set trip from 13 to 38, according to their approach to manipulate it, and can be parting mold material raw materials, the mold is automatically, the ultra-easy (with travel ) Automatically adjust the value set by the mold, the pressure automatically correct, such as high-speed operation, according to the speed automatically adjust the mold high, you can locate the angle between 0-180 degrees. Twists, etc. There are a lot of peace monitoring, , Rigid, mistaken delivery, safe operation.

Do a good job flat surface drilling screw and guide the maintenance work

Screw and guide rail is a more important part of the plane drilling machine, therefore, while maintaining the plane drilling machine, can not ignore the maintenance of the screw and rail maintenance work, including the following:
Plane drilling machine 1, regular inspection, adjust the axial gap screw nut to ensure the accuracy of reverse transmission and axial stiffness.
2. Check regularly whether the connection between the screw support and the bed is loose and if the bearing is damaged.
3, the use of grease ball screws, cleaning once every six months on the screw of the old oil, replace the new grease with lubricating oil ball screw, a day before the machine work to refuel.
4, pay attention to avoid hard dust or chips into the screw shield and work during the impact of protective cover, a protective device to be replaced in a timely manner.

Advantages and Structural Features of 3D NC Drilling Machine

Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine is mainly used for large-size H-beam or box-shaped beam on three sides of the drilling process, the workpiece fixed gantry moving way of processing, with high processing efficiency, precision and stability characteristics, can be widely used in construction, bridges, .
Product advantages:
1. Workpiece fixed gantry moving way of processing, with high processing efficiency, accuracy and stability.
2. H-beam can be large-scale or box-shaped beam on the three-sided drilling.
3. Can realize CAD / CAM direct conversion, thereby eliminating the cumbersome programming and input operation. Automatic generation of processing procedures, and truly the paperless processing equipment.
4. Machine configuration of the ball screw, linear guide pairs, electrical parts, servo motors, inverter, are well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, boot failure less.
Structural features:
1, three-dimensional CNC drilling machine bed, gantry, spindle box, electrical control system, hydraulic system, cooling chip system, detection system and other components.
2, the machine using gantry mobile, table in the form of fixed, can reduce the length of the bed, saving floor space.
3, Gantry movement (X-axis) Linear roller guide, AC servo motor and low backlash rack and pinion drive.Long door crossbeam and the movement of the column (U, V, W), using linear ball guide AC servo motor and screw drive The feed motion (1, 2, 3) of each drilling head is guided by linear ball guide, AC servo motor and screw drive.
4, NC three-dimensional drilling of the spindle box using the company’s CNC feed drilling head.
5, the lower part of the machine chain flat chip conveyor, chip conveyor is equipped with water pump and cooling liquid filter circulation device.
6, the hydraulic system is mainly used for X-axis positioning and locking both sides of the balance of power head.
7, NC three-dimensional drilling machine with PLC control, and equipped with a host computer, the workpiece through the computer input and storage, easy to operate.